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Project Description
A remake of Super Crate Box platformer game, using XNA 4.0 framework, supporting 2 players.

Windows Phone: NEW
Port almost complete, works on real device (Nokia 710).
Crate mania on wp.png

PC Version:
The game is fully playable, in stable stage.
2 new levels added since version 1.0 - grab it now!
Next steps are more bad guys (read larger), possibly boss fights or any other ideas you can throw in!
Enjoy & post feedback!


Gameplay video:

Technical Details

The game is built using XNA 4.0 framework and a number of helper classes that make up the "XDL" library (stands for X(NA) Developement Library).
The library is a mix of my own code, Particle System & Screen Manager sample from the XNA educational resources. The framework also supports Blender Model import and a modified version of OpenSteer (though not used in this game).

Artwork is done using Paint.Net, SpriteSomething (iOS) & Tiled map editor, all going through a custom pipeline.

The Windows Phone content is using a custom pipeline extension to share content files with the master Windows project, including the XACT sound project thanks to

Weapons are defined using XML resource files with a custom pipeline (through the actual in-game weapon still require -minimal- coding).

Final Version complete with:
  • Fullscreen support
  • Better keyboard support (up arrow is for jump, ctrl for fire)
  • Added some new weapons
  • Tuned some visual effects (smoke, fire, map background...)
  • Tiled (see level maps, using a custom pipeline
  • Idle player animation
  • Tuned gameplay speed (getting rid of the fixed timestep for smoother animations)

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